I have had numerous chances to participate in community-action work in India, the UK and Canada. Some examples include overseeing a needs-based graduate-student run tutoring and mentorship programme for high school students in Toronto, being the co-chair of the diversity committee at Massey College in the University of Toronto, and contributing to working groups on tackling gender-based discrimination and violence at university. For all this work, I received the Moira Whalon prize from Massey College. In the UK, I worked as a consultant with the Oxford Microfinance Initiative (now called theĀ Oxford Development Consultancy), where I helped develop a tool to study whether microcredit services actually contribute to the health and social empowerment of its recipients in the Global South. During my undergraduate studies, I was awarded an India Fellowship to live and work at theĀ Vivekanada Girijana Kalyana Kendra, an organization working to ensure education, health, economic and political welfare of the Soliga communities in the B.R. Hills region in southern India. Much of my work involved supporting (and learning immensely from) Soliga women’s economic and political organising.